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Roaming Ramotars started years before the brand, concept of information and products you see before you today. Couple of years ago, we graduated from university pursuing our finance/accounting designations and started working our desk jobs. The typical dream job scenario that most of us pursue in our lives but something was missing. We decided that we will take a trip together and get a break away from the mundane desk job that we ever so desperately wanted from the start of university.

Using inspiration from other travellers and past vacations, we decided Thailand will be the place to go. Little did we know that a one month trip would turn into a lifestyle of adventure and learning that we strive to do as much as possible. This is what inspired the brand “Roaming Ramotars”

We are roamers of the world aiming to share content about countries, travel hacks and financial hacks that allow roamers (like yourself) to get a better perspective on the world and engage in travel in an informed way. 

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