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Jordan: An Eight Day Guide

Day 1 and 2 : Amman

You will arrive in the capital of Jordan, Amman. There are many things to do in the city and some of the top places to visit are the Temple of Hercules in the Citadel and the Roman Amphitheater. Visit the King Abdullah I Mosque which is an amazing mosque built using the blue mosaic. Fun fact, the mosaic that you see all over the world was invented by the Jordanians, now you know! Also learn about the culture and history of Jordan by visiting the museum and there is also a pretty cool auto museum if time permits.

Day 3 and 4: Wadi Rum

Wadi Rum is dubbed a place out of this world and considered Mars-like in some of its landscapes. We were troopers and drove during the middle of the night to get to Wadi Rum from Amman but as travelers, options are open to do Wadi Musa or drive north to Jerash. Now Wadi Rum is known for the dome tents that you can rent to stay in or learning about the Bedouin times through a guide. We recommend that you start the first day light with a tour of the desert in a 4x4 SUV or Truck that you can sit in the back of. Truly an enjoyable experience but pack sunscreen because the sun can take a toll. On the tour you will get to see a few first discoveries of writing called the Sumerian Script that were left on rock formations for directions and warnings. Watch camel racing take place in the nearby track, a spectacular feat.

Day 5 and 6: Wadi Musa and Petra

No trip to Jordan is complete without the world famous Wadi Musa and Petra Historical Site. We recommend you arrive in Petra when they are doing a “night at Petra” exhibition as well. During your visit, purchase the two day pass or one day pass depending on your timing and explore the whole site; one thing we regret is not taking the time to explore more and learn more about the site. At the same time we recommend travelers to book the night at Petra experience either for the same day or the next evening. This is a tiring walk so the same day might not be a clever idea, but we did and were so exhausted afterwards. The choice is yours In the site, visit the Treasury “Al Khazneh’ and while stopping to see all the surrounding area “streets of Facades” plan for time to get to the monastery “ Ad Deir” after you have explored the area head back out for a late lunch early dinner.

Day 7: Dead Sea

Spend a day at the dead sea, the place with the lowest land elevation on earth. That is all there is to say about that one… Seriously, there are several hotels along the sea that you can go have lunch and spend the afternoon in a rejuvenation mindset. Take it as a spa treatment, the shores have buckets of the dead sea clay that you can mask on (the stuff that we spend $100 USD for here in north America is freely and in large quantity provided and then wash it all off in the dead sea. Fair warning follows all instructions posted by the beach front. The water is very salty and burns your eyes or any cuts if present but the ability to float in the water is incredibly insane. 10/10. You could decide to stay the night but we decided to drive back that afternoon to Amman.

Day 8: Amman and Flight Out of Jordan

Relax in Amman. Have breakfast at this unique and picturesque café called Zaizafoun Café before heading to the airport for your next destination.

Stay tuned for our full travel detail on Jordan! It will include more like food and places to stay.

Until next time. More Roaming on the way!

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